Why "Bootcamp"?

STOP!!... Please don't let the name "Bootcamp" scare you.  We've designed our workouts to be customizable to ALL levels of fitness. 

Fo' REALZ yo!!...  We have 70-year-young women tearing it up in the same room as 20-somethings who are getting fit for military service!  So no matter where you stand in that scale... we've got moves designed specifically to challenge you!

And we intend to show you how fitness actually can be, dare I say it... FUN!  Come groove to the music, burn some calories, make some new friends, and work with caring trainers who will teach you proper form to ensure your safety. We look forward to meeting you!    Let's do this!

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  • Fitness, Nutrition, Inspiration, Motivation, Energetic Vibration, Mood Elevation, & Persperation
  • Body Composition Tracking Included
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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Hear What Bootcampers Are Saying:

“My life is sooooo different!  I've lost 56 pounds.  I'm more in charge of my life now... I'm not stuck anymore!”


"I've been to other bootcamps... they were very running and pushup oriented... but this [Bootcamp] has so much more variety than the other ones."

***8 Lbs Down in Her
First Six Weeks

“I love the 5:30 class!  CJ is sooooo motivating!  I am definitely seeing results.  My clothes are really loose on me.  So I have to go shopping to get some more!”

***Watch Video to
See Kelly's Transformation

“I've lost 12 pounds in 3 months.  I love getting up in the morning, coming to work out, and I'm set for the day.  Honestly, I thought this class would be too easy for me.  But it wasn't.  You can go at any level.”



“An hour does not feel like an hour.  It goes by really fast!... And I typically HATE exercising.  But I actually look forward to coming here.  I was actually just on vacation for 2 weeks and I actually missed coming to Bootcamp!”


"I love the energy.  The people are great!  I started looking forward to exercising again :)
I love exercising in small groups.  It really keeps you motivated and the conversations passes the time quickly and makes it more enjoyable.  I like that there is a variety of exercise choices at each station that can fit many fitness levels.  I also like that each week things change up a bit.  I definitely feel stronger and more toned since starting boot camp."


"I'm a beginner!
I've been to other bootcamps where everybody's doing the same thing.  Some people it didn't help... Other people it's too hard for them to do and then they sacrifice form.  Here there are 3 or 4 different options at every station and I love it!"


6 Lbs down... Muscle gained... Back pain relieved!

“I've seen weight loss results.  In the last 6 weeks I've lost 15-18 pounds (depending on the day)... It's rough the first couple of weeks getting into that new routine. But now, the days that I don't come, I just feel like something's missing.”


“I needed a new challenge... I've been aware of this [Bootcamp] for a long time, but I've been afraid of getting started and embarassing myself.  I wanted to break through this mentality that 'Life's a grind'... And sometimes you've gotta do something pretty radical to shake that up.”
-Rich Eisenauer

"I'm seeing remarkable changes in my body.  My clothes fit different, I've got more energy... but that's just the external benefit.  
I needed to challenge some of my own myths about aging and I decided that I don't have to put up with this."
-Karen Eisenauer


Don't Take Our Word For It...

My life is soooooo different!  I've lost 56 pounds.  I'm more content.  I'm more grateful.  I take myself a little less seriously.  I've got a better view of life in general in terms of it being more of what I'm making it.  I feel like less of a victim of circumstance and I'm not stuck anymore. 

...I went to my doctor yesterday and he couldn’t believe it.  ‘You’re just sooo… Healthy!’ he said.  And I was like, “YES!!!” 

[To anybody just getting started…]  Little changes lead to bigger changes.  I didn’t do anything that I didn’t think I could keep doing.”


I've been going to St. Louis Fitness Boot camp for OVER 3 YEARS! Before that, I had been working out "on & off" for years, but never saw results and would ultimately give up. This was the first workout I've stuck with...I've been going 5-6 days a week for over 3 years, and I absolutely love it. I've lost over 30 pounds, went down several dress/jeans sizes, built muscle (which I've NEVER had before in my life!!), increased my endurance & metabolism, get better sleep, and my Husband says that I'm not crabby (apparently I used to be??~LOL)!

The workouts are a combination of strength training & cardio and they change everyday; so you are never bored. You can choose from the "easy" or "hard" exercise at each station, depending on your fitness level. CJ is extremely motivating, knowledgeable in fitness & nutrition, and truly cares about everyone and their goals. He loves to hear about the Bootcamper's latest accomplishments. CJ creates an awesome workout environment with his words of encouragement, rock'n variety of music, and I can't forget to mention his fabulous TABATA !

St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp is not just a "place to workout", it's a FAMILY! A lot of the people I met there are now my life-long friends, and I met them at St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp!"


St. Louis Fitness Boot Camp is seriously my favorite place to be! I go to bed excited to go workout the next day! CJ and my fellow bootcampers have become a second family to me. If you're at all interested, I try to make it to class Monday through Saturday so just come try it once. Your first visit is free!


Prior to coming to STL Fitness Bootcamp I was working out at a club under the guidance of a personal trainer. I experienced success but it was expensive. I was searching for something as a next step to continue my training. I knew that I needed help with proper form/technique. I talked with a friend at a party who told me about the bootcamp. I was not sure I could handle the 5:30a class. After a couple of weeks though my time clock adjusted to getting up earlier. I never thought that would happen!
I have been amazed with how much personal attention each bootcamper receives from the trainer (Derek). He manages to help everyone with form. Yes, he runs from station to station in order to provide guidance. He creates a fun environment and it is a great group of people. The format with the stations and move choices works for all level of fitness. This is a class for everyone. It is helping me to continue improving my fitness level at an affordable price.


CJ- Great [email] message this week.  Although I think they are all great!  
I believe my son embodies a champion.  We celebrated his 5 year milestone last week.  5 years ago on 5/12 is when he was diagnosed with leukemia.  As you may know, 5 years in the cancer world is significant since it means cancer is less likely to return. 
You will appreciate his quote when he was first diagnosed and going through awful treatment   "You can do anything you put your mind to as long as you step up to it... just like me..I'm stepping up to my cancer.  Just need to keep going".   Ben was 6 when he said that.  
When I think about him and that quote, I know I can just keep going on my fitness and health.  Just step up.  Take one more step.  Do one more push up.  Make another good decision for my health.   Make one more choice to help other people.   We can all step up.  
Thanks for all you do.  


Hi CJ, Thanks so much for this message. It means a lot to me. I have struggled with body image and with hating my body for as long as I can remember, and it has been a real step forward for me to be able to view the body as a vehicle for progress, a partner in the journey of growth, rather than as a hindrance to it--and it is bootcamp that has made that happen for me. Although it is always at the back of my mind, the original goal I had to lose weight had taken a back seat to eating more healthfully (thank you food camp!!), getting stronger, improving balance, accomplishing things I couldn't do before. So it was an unexpected and wonderful surprise to try on the swimsuit and see the progress reflected physically in the the mirror. It had been awhile since I had paid attention to what I looked like, I was so focused on the other things going on. And that in itself, is huge progress! So thank you so much for your support and for being someone to share this with. Bootcamp is the best thing to happen to me in a long time, and you are the main reason it makes such a difference for so many of us.


What has St. Louis Fitness Boot Camp done for me?
It’s simple:  Being diligent (going to bed early and setting my alarm) and working out 4-5 days per week, in the first six months of boot camp I lost 12 pounds and TWO pant sizes!  And the best part is, I am still losing a little at a time which is the best way to lose.  My energy level is through the roof and I find myself making better food choices every day.  On top of all that, I have made fun, new friends who I look forward to seeing every morning and who I consider to be my “Boot Camp Family”.  All of this is in a relaxed, casual and non-judgmental (important) atmosphere with an inspirational trainer and jammin’ music.  It’s the best way to start the day and is without a doubt the best part of my day.  At 54, I was able to compete and finish both the 2014 Warrior Dash and Crusher Race in respectable times.  There is no way I could have done this without SLFBC.  It’s a choice, it’s a commitment, it’s a challenge, and it’s a lifestyle.  And it’s SO MUCH FUN!  Just do it!
I just received my test results from my yearly physical which was done on January 6th. For the last 2+ years I have been struggling with high cholesterol (well over 200, which isn't good) and I have a family history of heart disease. Upon my doctor's recommendation, I have been taking Red Yeast Rice supplement every day now for years which has helped somewhat, but not enough to get me below the 200 mark. Well, as of January 6th my total cholesterol is ... drum roll, please ... 174!!!!! My doctor is very pleased with me and is crediting it mostly to the fact that I have been working out regularly AND eating right (most of the time ... lol). Of course, I owe it ALL to my SLFBC workouts 4-5 days a week since May 5, 2014, in which I have now lost over 12 pounds and two pant sizes. Yeehaaaaa! I'm just so thankful that my health and wellness has improved dramatically, and I thank you for your motivation and encouragement in every single workout. YAY!!!


"I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a great program!  I am sure that I am like many who do not enjoy exercising. Even though it was really tough I did find it fun : )  Truthfully, I did consider quitting at the very beginning but everyone made me feel welcome.   Derek was so energetic and up beat each morning it was contagious!  He was so encouraging it made it easier to make it through each work out.  I have lost 12+ lbs and feel so much more energy.  I have also been working really hard on eating better.  I have learned so much!  I can't thank you enough!"


When I began my journey in August/Early September 2014,  I was in an unhealthy marriage, living an unhealthy lifestyle, and was in a place where I had kind of lost myself. It was so hard that first week……really hard. I quit drinking soda that week and changed my diet completely. I used the recommendations that you sent to start eating a little “cleaner”. I was tired and sore. But I started feeling better about myself. As the weeks passed I started gaining momentum and decided to sign up for another month, and another month, etc.  I started feeling better…….a lot better, stronger….mentally and physically. I started finding “me” again. I know that sounds silly, but it is 100% true.  I feel better than I ever have, because of bootcamp. I have made friends in bootcamp, that I love and have helped me in my journey.  Bootcamp, my bootcamp friends and you, CJ, have inspired me to WANT to make all these healthy changes in my life. Your inspirational emails have been wonderful and helpful. I can tell that you really put a lot of thought and feeling into them and into your job. You are truly passionate about what you do and your compassion for your bootcampers is astounding. I doubt anyone else has a trainer with as much depth as you! You are not intimidating, and neither is bootcamp, as I was soooooo afraid it would be. You are inspiring. I wish I could do the advanced moves like you!!! You make it look easy!!!! Damnit! Ha ha:) 

So now to some really good stuff,  I have lost 31lbs and my waist size has gone from a size 14 to a size 8 and went from shirt size XL to Medium! I have had to buy all new clothes and coats…..soooooo fun!!!! I cannot wait to go to my doctor so they can weigh me and compare it to last year (I know, I am weird), ha ha! My “getting ready” time has been cut in half because I don’t hate myself in everything I wear anymore. I actually enjoy working out, and I NEVER thought I would feel that way…..ever! I have tried Weight Watchers a million times and it has never worked long term. I even had a personal trainer and a gym membership in the past and it did nothing for me. I have finally gotten my life back on track and it is seriously all because of bootcamp!!
In short, I feel strong, I feel happy and, most importantly, I am making healthy choices because I WANT to. My family and friends have noticed the changes in my size, of course, but also my attitude and outlook on life. Bootcamp has done an overhaul on my frame of mind and my body……..I could not be more grateful or inspired.



1 Month "Get Fit" Special for PLUS Opportunity for 2nd Month at $49 when you "Check In" 12 Times on Facebook!

"You must do the things you think you cannot do." -Eleanor Roosevelt

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Raving Reviews...

I loved your Bootcamp!  I have been spreading the word about it to everyone I know (even out of state).  You provided a great workout.  I loved the rotations, it kept it interesting not boring, and before you knew it the time was up and you had a great workout.  I really liked having the multiple choices at each center allowing different levels of challenge. VERY motivating but not intimidating allowing for self motivation and gradual increase in ability.  Really cannot say enough great things about what you provide!!! Your emails and thoughts are very motivating and inspiring- keep it up love it!  You really have found your calling and are making a fantastic difference- I know you did for me!


Kevin and I made the commitment and signed up with Derek yesterday I'm really excited!!!  This BootCamp is exactly what I've been looking for. I've struggled with weight my entire life, mainly because of my addiction to sugar - candy, mainly chocolate and ice cream. My doctor wants me to loose at least 70lbs before trying to get pregnant with our 2nd child, that was a reality check. I knew I was heavy but I had no idea that I was so far in the "danger" zone. I could have easily gone to a different gym and paid 1/2 or less of what I'm paying for Bootcamp, but the trainer/client relationship that I've built with Derek is priceless. Because he has invested in me and basically has taught me what to eat I've lost more weight than I could have on my own. I'm down about 7lbs - that's about 5lbs more that what I've been able to do on my own. You have a really special business and I'm really grateful that I found you.


I worked out before bootcamp, just not regular enough or as much as I liked. Walked the dog everyday, but the weights and such just didn’t happen.  So when I started I was sore, but I could still move! Anyway, you do a great job with switching around muscles for each area from week to week.  I am amazed that after every workout in 6 wks, I was still sore!  My legs are still sore from Friday.  My arms are already sore from yesterday!  Feeling this is great, knowing I am getting another great workout in.  I also lost a couple of pounds, which is very encouraging to me.  When I want to grab something not so good for me, I try to think about those 2 lbs & how it could be more with working out & eating right.  Another positive from bootcamp!


I had a great time at bootcamp!  I really enjoy going. You make getting up at 4:30 in the morning worth it! I love the wide variety of music, the energy of the room, and that you have us do several different moves during the hour. I like the feeling of leaving there so sweaty and exhausted and knowing that I just got a great workout. I like that you walk around and let us know how we're doing and how to improve. The feedback is always helpful!!


I have lost 12 pounds so far- I feel really fantastic. I have notable more energy when I get home after work- which ties into the kids and husband commitment! I would like to loose an additional-10lbs. Continuing to eat a lot more veggies....and trying to think of inventive ways to get my husband and kids on the boat here...


I've been very impressed with the overall experience provided by St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp. Derek is great and his enthusiasm for fitness and his job are displayed on a daily basis. I've been getting my butt kicked every morning for the past 6 weeks, but I love the energy level and overall feeling I have the rest of the day because of the class. The varying equipment and exercises keep things new and challenging, so I never feel like it's the same routine. I've told many friends and co-workers about the class and I'm hoping they too will take advantage of it's benefits.


Dear CJ. I really enjoyed my month of boot camp. Your brother does an excellent job and is just the right combination of serious fitness and fun. I am 47 and 40# overweight and was worried about making it through, but I was able to keep up. I was surprised at how much strength I gained in just a few weeks! My friend Jeanne has been going for almost two years now and loves it.


I am thankful for you, your influence and encouragement.  I came to BC burned out from myown "routine' and in need of a change.  After your class, I feel stronger...I feel fit ... I like the way fit feels.  Therefore, I am encouraged to continue.  Also, you put a lot of yourself into your emails.  I believe this helps to build a community with your clients.  Great job!


Feedback From Our Facebook Friends...

As of this morning, I've lost 26 lbs in 2015. That's 33 lbs since my heaviest, non-pregnant weight. I'm not sick, I've done it very intentionally through diet and exercise (can you believe that works?!).  And I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy wearing clothes that are smaller than what I wore in high school even.


I can't believe I set my alarm for 5 a.m. and look forward to the workout.  I feel stronger and have met some great people.  I like the variety of the workouts and the time seams to fly by.  Your positive attitude and assistance in making sure I am correctly doing the stations has helped me through these past five weeks.  This has been a very positive experience and a habit I want to continue.  This system gives you the kind of person-to-person practice that no textbook can provide. I've recommended it to several colleagues already.


I've been with STLFBC when there were 7 people attending the 530 am class with the infamous Johnny King! It's been an amazing on/off again ride for me for the past 4 years. There have been physical & emotional seasons that would have normally held me back but these workouts and STLFBC has gotten me thru each one. I have been back for a steady 3 years now, due to my love to "getting 'er done" early in the morning. I feel stronger & healthier now than I have in a long time; and it helps that I get to workout with amazing people who motivate and keep pushing me to do my best. I am at my current weight and have been happily since October 2014! I'm loving it! Thank you to CJ for always "brining it"!
Thank you for all your hard work and consistency!
Love ya, man!
Aloha...Lani! =


Wanted to start by thanking you so much! You are soooo good at what you do, and are the main reason bootcamp works so well for me.  I came to bootcamp 6 months ago hoping to lose weight and tone up. But it has become a lot more than that. I expect that I will tone up and continue to lose weight, but more importantly, I am getting dominion over the thoughts that try to say I am too old, too arthritic, too weak, etc to exercise vigorously anymore. It has not come quickly, and I have to be patient and work at the pace and amount my body can take, but it is getting better and better. My balance and strength have improved so much. I feel more confident and happier, and just don’t think about my body as much as I did before coming to bootcamp. I used to loathe my body, but now view it as a partner in this journey towards dominion. It’s a whole new mindset, and a significant change that I feel really grateful for.  So thank you for your encouragement, your patience, your great email messages and the love that you show each of us. I LOVE coming to bootcamp and look forward to seeing the progress the next 6 months brings.


Hey CJ!
I have absolutely loved every minute of bootcamp! It's like a tight knit family and you really are an amazing instructor! I feel I have improved so much and gotten so much stronger than I was before.


Honestly this couldn't have come at a better time for me. I had been working at the YMCA for about 5 years and started working from home in January. It was kind of a tough transition for me - go figure. What could be better than working from home?!  Anyway, I'm enjoying it, seeing some results and feeling stronger. Gotta push myself, but also be careful. I've had two back surgeries, so keeping strong in that area is vital. I just don't feel right when I don't do it. But form is also important to me because of the back issues, and I can tell it is important to you too. Thanks for the daily encouragement, you are definitely suited for what you do.


1 Month Unlimited Classes ONLY $49!
BONUS:  Same Price for Month #2 IF You "Check In" on Facebook 12 Times.  

"Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

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YES!  Don't let that "Bootcamp" name intimidate you.  You can absolutely do this.  Our program was designed with the beginner in mind.  In fact, the entire hour is customizable and you can take breaks as needed.  Seriously, this workout is for ALL levels.  Many of our newest peeps haven't touched a dumbbell in years before coming to us.  But on the flip side we've got members that have been attending for years who are tackling the advanced options.  (We've even prepped Marines in training for military bootcamp!)  We're of the opinion that encouragement trumps yelling.  And proper form trumps speed.  As you grow stronger, the program grows with you.  So leave the judgment at the door and save the drama for your mama!  Check us out and let us show you how we're putting the FUN back in fitness!


Your 1 Month trial starts when you arrive for your first class.  You must show up by the end of September 2018 to take advantage of this amazing offer.

Address:  150 Enchanted Pkwy, Ballwin, MO 63021... in the Vetta Soccer Complex located behind the Uncle Bill's near Manchester & 141.  (NOTE:  Please don't stop for pancakes!!)  ;)

Class Times:
Mon-Fri:  3 Class Times @ 5:30 / 7:00 / 8:30AM (All classes are 1 hour long.)
Saturdays @ 7:00AM

Each class is 1 hour.  Our classes our strength focused with some cardio thrown in the mix.  (Remember... muscle burns fat!)  There are different options for most moves allowing you to either modify or crank up the intensity as needed.  We do not currently offer evening classes.


Bring a towel, a water bottle, and a smile.  We'll take care of the rest!


No appointments needed.  Try to get there 5-10 minutes early your first day so we can get you acquainted with our program and have you fill out one of our waiver forms.


No, we don't have showers.  There are bathrooms available for changing.


If you're not satisfied, I will refund 100% of your Free purchase!  ;)

Got additional questions?

Contact CJ:
ph:  314-266-9729
email:  cj@stlfitnessbootcamp.com